Stormtrooper w/ Rainbow Blast
Stormtrooper w/ Rainbow Blast
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Stormtrooper w/ Rainbow Blast
by Luke Lombardo
Giclee on Stretched Canvas
12" X 18" (Open)*see note 1$75
16" X 24" (Open)*see note 1$155
24" X 36" (Open)*see note 1$245
28" X 42" (Open)*see note 1$425
36" X 54" (Open)*see note 1$800

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About "Stormtrooper w/ Rainbow Blast"
Whether you'r a Starwars fan, a pop-culture guru, or somewhere between there is no denying that this piece of art work is SWEEETT! The only thing that could make this solider of the imperial army any cooler if it was a scratch-n-sniff that smelled liked hickory bacon and skittles. This piece of art belongs on that wall in your place that you just can't find anything for.
About Luke Lombardo
Using a combination of stencils and freehand, San Francisco based Luke Lombardo finds a relationship between pop culture, creativity, and color. In doing so, his works are conceptually and visually compelling. Using imagery drawn from current and past cultural references as well as personal experiences, Luke creates a unique meaning and association that connects with today's modern society. Luke grew up in Manhattan Beach in southern California. He attended Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland studying International Relations and Art History. He has extensive world travels and uses his widespread collection of life experiences to help influence his work.